Velocity Ventures Vietnam (‘VVV’) is a home-grown venture capital firm that targets seed to series A investment in Vietnam. We are a big believer in the Sharing Economy and Blockchain. We intend to invest in Marketplace types of business at a platform level. Some industries that interest us:

Real Estate
Cloud Computing

For us, venture investment is similar to a Formula 1 race, where the racing track represents a start-up journey and each corner represents a very important fundraising milestone. Speed, Focus, and Accuracy are required factors to join the race, but cornering is vital to the success. It is in the corners where a founder’s skills become more immediately apparent.

At VVV we believe in helping founders get the first ‘corner’ done right, meaning we pull in the financial and non-financial resources to get our portfolio companies into the top racers, skipping second, and third VC rounds and accelerating to PE rounds. Hence, we focus on getting value propositions and unit economics right very early on.